Nansy Kungsakawin

SST measurement technique and its direct applications


Sean Davis

Characterizations of Atmospheric Seeing Conditions at Mauna Loa Observatory


Michele Kuester

Gravity waves generated from convection during Hurricane Erin on 10 September 2001


Xiaoli (Shelley) Zhang

Nonmigrating Tides as Measured by SABER Instrument on TIMED during April, 2002: The Aliasing Problem


Christian Sutton

Microwave Water Radiometer: Improving characterizations of tropospheric moisture


Florence Bocquet

Lidar technology for remote sensing measurements of ozone concentrations


Carl Schmidt

Estimation of the Asymmetry Parameter from microphysical observations


Dax Matthews

Using AVHRR thermal images merged with satellite altimetry to map the California Current


Peter Kimball

Wildfires: Detection and monitoring through remote sensing


Anton Darmenov

Effects of mineral dust on MODIS retrievals


Scott Ellis

Multi-sensor determination of cloud liquid water content


Eric Sutton

Comparison of Atmospheric Density Models in the Thermospheric Region


Joel Finnis

Passive Microwave Retrievals of Sea Ice Concentrations


Charles Bardeen

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Aerosols Using MODIS


Bruce Wahle

A look at predicting eruptions at Colima Volcano from sulfur dioxide emissions using TOMS


John Maurer

Cloud Detection Over Snow and Ice Surfaces


Andria Bilich

MWR to GPS: Using water vapor radiometer measurements to correct for tropospheric delay of GPS signals


Chris Jeppesen

Passive Sounding of the Venus Atmosphere


Kaj Williams

Observation of Martian CO2 clouds using the MOLA and TES instruments


Attila Elteto

Modeling Optical Properties of Martian Dust Using Mie Theory


Peter DeCarlo

Comparison of AERONET inverted size distributions to measured distributions from the Aerodyne Aerosol Mass Spectrometer


Chad Hammons

Using Satellite Altimetry to Detect Ocean Currents


Odele Hofmann

Comparing Aerosol Optical Depths for Sphere vs. Cluster Treatment


Michael Shaw

TOVS Atmospheric Profile Retrieval at High Latitudes and Model/Retrieval Data Comparisons


Erin Wood

Telluric Line Removal in Astrophysical Spectroscopy


Paola Cortes Verdin

Physical control of plankton distributions