Computer Modeling Laboratory 5

Written report due: 9 March

Analysis of MODIS and MISR aerosol products

Lecture 6

To get MODIS RGB images, go to MODIS website => Atmosphere => Images => Terra L1B Granule Images.
Select year/month of your interest to see MODIS RGB images

Giovanni is a web-based application that provides a user-friendly way to visualize, analyze, and download selected NASA remote sensing products. In this task you will be working with aerosol products retrieved from MODIS on the Terra and Aqua satellites and MISR/Terra products. To aid in your analysis, you will also use MODIS RBG images. See Instruction above how to find MODIS RBG images.

You will be analyzing daily aerosol optical depth (AOD) retrieved from MODIS and MISR.
To display (and download) these data, go to Giovanni => Atmospheric Instances=> Terra and Aqua MODIS daily products; for MISR, go to Giovanni => Atmospheric Instances=> MISR Daily.

On an interactive map (in MODIS and MISR web windows) select two regions: one centered at Western Sahara (Northern Africa) and another region in remote marine conditions (e.g., over ocean in Southern Hemisphere). Make sure that your Northern African region covers both land and ocean.

You need to set Begin Date and End Date. For this task consider April 2009.

You have several options for displaying and analyzing selected data- see under Select Visualization. Note "Animation" option generates lat/long map (2D field of AOD) with your selected data.

Now that you know how to visualize MISR and MODIS data, perform the following analysis of aerosol optical depth (AOD) products:

  1. Compare AODs retrieved from MODIS/Terra and MODIS/Aqua in terms of daily spatial fields (select "Animation"), monthly mean AOD fields (select "Lat-Lon map, Time-averaged") and time series of area-averaged AOD.

    Briefly discuss similarities and differences between AOD fields in each region and across the region (i.e., water vs. land). Use MODIS RGB images to help yourself with interpretation of AOD product.

  2. Now generate similar plots for MISR AOD (consider AOD at 550 nm) and compare to MODIS AOD products. Identify major differences in AODs between MODIS and MISR, and briefly discuss the major factors causing these differences.