Computer Modeling Laboratory 9

Group Report: Class presentation (~10 mins) on April 22

Designing a space mission concept.

Example of Mission Concept Study


Design a spacecraft mission concept to measure the structure (temperature) and chemical composition of the atmosphere of Venus. The mission concept should include a proposed payload consisting of a suite of instruments operating in the solar, IR or microwave spectral regions. For each instrument, describe the general concept of the retrieval algorithm. Summarize major capabilities of your proposed mission.

Supporting information:
The Venus atmosphere consists primarily of CO2, 96%, with small amounts of N2, 3.5%, Argon, SO2, and other trace gases. It has a surface pressure of 90 atm and a surface temperature of about 750K. The atmosphere is divided into upper and lower regions by the cloud deck. This cloud deck is at roughly 50 km altitude and between 10 and 20 km thick. No holes all the way through the clouds have yet been observed. Clouds are hypothesized to consist of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) particles.