TUV model

  1. Create a directory for TUV
  2. Download the TUV V 5.3 source code: https://www2.acom.ucar.edu/modeling/tuv-download
  3. Unpack archve:
    unzip tuv5.3.zip
  4. Edit Makefile file.
  5. Compile model:
  6. Check that the executable file: tuv (or tuv.exe) exists
  7. To switch the model to the batch mode, modify TUV.f: comment out line 237 (put "c" in the first column), uncomment line 238 (remove "c" in first column)
  8. compile model again
  9. run tuv (./tuv or ./tuv.exe) (it will read file ./INPUTS/usrinp


TUV model reads input file: ./INPUTS/usrinp all output files are in the directory .. (one level above executable file)

Run each predefined case (defin1 ... defin4). To run each case, copy the predifined file defin1 ... defin4 to usrinp and run tuv. The model will produce two files: ../usrout.txt and ../tuvlog.txt

Compare these files with examples in the directory ./SAMPLE (see README file in the directory ./SAMPLE) and explain results

Investigate how the total ozone concentration (o3col) affects the UV fluxes near the surface.