EAS 8802
Clouds, Aerosols & Climate

Professor Irina N. Sokolik
office 3104, ph.404-894-6180
email: isokolik@eas.gatech.edu

Location and meeting time:
Monday 9:05-10:55 PM
ES&T L1116

Course Syllabus
Tentative Class Schedule

Jan. 7 Lecture 1. Class logistic.
Introductory survey: The multiple roles of clouds and aerosols in the Earth system
Jan. 14 Lecture 2. Fundamentals of aerosols and clouds
Jan. 21 HOLIDAY  
Jan. 28 Lecture 3. Observations of aerosol and clouds
Feb. 4 Lecture 4. Spatial and temporal variability of aerosol and clouds.
Challenges and future directions for observing aerosol and clouds
Feb. 11 Lecture 5. Major processes involving aerosol and clouds
Feb. 18 Lecture 6. Representation of aerosol and clouds in models.
Challenges and future directions in modeling aerosol-clouds-climate interactions.
Feb. 25 Lecture 7. Mineral dust-clouds-climate interactions.

Class presentation: Xin Xi
Linkages between land-cover/land-use change (LCLUC), dust and dryland ecosystems in Asia
Mar. 4 Lecture 8. Clouds-aerosol –climate interactions in northern latitudes and the Arctic: Wildfires

Class presentation: Zheng Lu
Examining the impact of boreal wildfires on clouds and precipitation in Nothern America and Russia
Mar. 11 Lecture 9. Clouds-aerosol –climate interactions in northern latitudes and the Arctic: Volcanic aerosols

Class presentation: Cindy Young
The radiative impact of volcanic aerosol in the Arctic
Mar. 18 Spring Break
Mar. 25 Lecture 10. Class presentation: Jiumeng Liu
Light Absorbing Carbonaceous Aerosols (BC and BrnC) and their Climate Impacts
Apr. 1 Lecture 11. Class presentation: Peng Liu
Impact of aerosol and clouds on the climate of southeastern US
Apr. 8 Lecture 12. Class presentation: Yi Lu
The Marine Stratocumulus
Apr. 15 Lecture 13. Aerosol-cloud-climate interactions: State of current science
Apr. 22 Lecture 14. Research needs for improved understanding of aerosol–clouds-climate interactions

Supplement Materials